Taking the office to the airport

We’re in the midst of a software conversion, at the monitoring stage.  Ahhh … with a trusty truck camper (TC), we can visit a show at Felts Field, the old Spokane airport, and check out some old biplanes, a B17 (which is taking folks up in the air), and look at the new Kodiak that Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is using.  And of course, be available for clients at a moments notice!

They’re ready for takeoff now.

It’s a 45 minute flight, $475 … but alas – we have to available for client calls.  At least we can watch!

One of four biplanes taxiing out too …
… and they’re soon overhead.

The biplanes are a beautiful sight.  They also have one that is taking customers up for rides!  Gotta stick close to the office though.

Boeings first passenger plane …

The first passenger plane from Boeing was flying around, and finally landed.  It carried a couple of passengers – but was largely used for mail transport.  Notice that the pilot sits outside (follow the ladder to see the pilot’s seat).

Their motto is “no runway, no problem”

Got to see the new Kodiak … from Quest Aircraft out of Idaho.  This beauty can seat 10, or haul a ton, and take off or land on a gravel riverbed.  Got to talk with one of the instructors (who teaches the Moody Aviation folks) – sure would like a flight in this!  Here’s the link for those who are fascinated by this kind of thing.  Going to the factory sounds like an outing for the office in the near future.

Well, after a couple of calls and a little work on the computer, we came back and saw a friend who belongs to the local pilots Experimental Aircraft Association.  He took us into the pilots lounge – and it looked just like a place you’d expect pilots to hang!

Snapshot of his plane (before the prop came off, and he came down!)
The bar has a train and airport set up (under the glass)
Lights are from old engine cylinders …

These pilots not only build their own planes (taking years to complete), but they do a lot of work with youth … taking 50+ kids up in the air every month, to teach about flight.  Many of the project planes take 5-10 years to complete – can you imagine what would happen if we had to build our truck campers, and it took 8 years?

Well, this is another example of being able to work and play – almost at the same time.  Taking the office along enable us to break from other activities, and respond to customers questions and problems.  And the TC can park anywhere … it’s just a truck.

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