4×4 on rails??

After going UP the Snake River, into Hells Canyon, going down in the camper is a different kind of adventure.  After crossing the Snake River, in Clarkston, you’re on Wawawai River Road (highway 193).  It follows the Snake River for miles … and has many, many riverside camping areas – boondocking type, and free.

View of the Snake … from the “office”. Good signal too!!
Morning tea … check in with clients … look out the window …

Oh, oh … what’s that coming down the other side of the road?

Cute … a little 2 seater …workers out early???

Wait a minute … there’s another one …

This one’s a convertible … and the rider on the right is a youth …

Following is a sedan model … what is going on???

A family sedan … full of family??
… even a station wagon …

Fifteen of these, various sizes and colors, clack by.  This is like a 4×4 club on rails?!  Oh, no — I don’t believe it … here comes a full camper setup.  Talk about self contained!

All the comforts of home. Is this a “Rail Camper (RC)”?

Well, many more go by.  I guess they’re called “speeders” … and they are out on a camping trip – ridin’ the rails big time.  Think there were almost 50 of them … moms, dads, kids and dogs.  An amazing sight!!

Continuing down river, we pass lots of folks boondocking – tents, trailers, TC’s, class C and A’s.  This is the Memorial Day weekend … but there are as many campsites empty as there are full ones.

Campin’ in the US of A … sounds like a song …

Down at the end of the road, where it turns inland from the river, is a beautifully manicured county park … paid camping available, about $15.  Playground area for the little darlings too.  Here I learned that Lewis and Clark and his boys seemed to add a whole new meaning to “hot dogs”.  Natives had dogs, but did not use them in the same way that the LC boys did!

Click to read … maybe this is tooooo much information!
Saw tenters, trailers, campers … but there’s limited number of spaces here …

From there it’s up to the Palouse for us.  There’s work to be done, and we’ll have to head for more populated areas.

Back to the rolling hills of the Palouse

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