4×4 style on the river …

The Snake River, that is.  Just prior to Memorial Day, we were taken down to Lewiston/Clarkston for a trip up the Snake River, into Hells Canyon.  Oh, you can read about Hells Canyon – how deep it is (deepest river gorge North America), and check out it’s history.  Pretty fascinating stuff! Down the hill is Lewiston (on the left of the Snake River), and Clarkston (on the right).

Where the Clearwater River (left) joins the Snake River, at 6AM
Where the Clearwater River (left) joins the Snake River, at 6AM
The old highway had lots of trucking accidents … lots of switchbacks! Click on the pic to read about it.
Upriver, Idaho on the left, Washington on the right … until here – into Oregon (on the right, that is.)
At the confluence of the Snake (right) and the wild Salmon River.

The trip up so far has been bumpy … the jet engine shut down because of inhaled logs.  A mechanic on board jumped into the engine bay, and after some time cleaned out the debris.  All of the wood comes down the wild Salmon River – it has no dams on it.  It’s called the “River of No Return”; it’s VERY fast; it’s full of logs and wood debris; it’s brown from all of the silt that it washes down!  Continuing up the Snake, while full of rapids, is a treat compared to what we see off to the left!

The boat noses in, jets running, while we look around.
A private spot by the irrigation flumes, up the river …

Looking around at the historic Kirkwood Ranch ya’all can see that everything either came upriver in small boats, or was found here at the canyon.  Rough living indeed.

Rockin’ …
and rollin’ …

4×4 style, except on the river.  Hang out in the back of the boat, and you’ll get drenched!  Well, there’s petroglyphs to see, unusual rock formation, and canyon walls that climb straight up!  100 miles up, 100 miles back, about 10 hours in all.  Coming back, it felt like you are going downhill!

Basalt rock walls …

Truck camping?  Why there’s Walmart, of course.  In Clarkston, right across from Costco, and just a block from the Snake River!  Plenty of other campers overnighting here … some were on the same boat as ours.  Great cell reception, and great MiFi signal too!

One thought on “4×4 style on the river …

  1. Really cool, I live a few miles north of Lewiston. There is quite a few hidden gems in Northern Idaho. There’s also some cool sights up by Potlatch, Idaho. A WWII bomber crashed about 20 miles north of Potlatch and instead of retrieve it, the Military just left it there.
    Great Post. Check out my blog for some other Idaho sights/scenes.

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