Montana redux …

As spring unfolds, and warmer weather visits the Pacific Northwest (also the rains), memories of working in Montana revisit.  Especially memories of Glacier National Park – now there’s an office with a view! I see that there’s a Montana Truck Camper Rally in late June over at Glacier … details here at

When you go, be sure you’ve got the “America the Beautiful” national park and rec pass … and we recommend Avalanche Creek campground.  It’s about as far as you want to drive a truck camper in the park … you can take the buses from there to anywhere you want to go (they’re free).  Pack water!

View from within Avalanche camping area
View from within Avalanche camping area.

Cell reception is sketchy … you may have to drive down to Apgar Visitor Center (also camping, close to the West entrance).  Don’t attempt the TC on the Going-To-The-Sun-Road – take the bus!  Head on out to St. Mary’s Visitor Center on the eastern side … everything here is amazing.

Up at Logan Pass

Lots of folks like the “Red Bus” Tour … the Montana TC Rally actually reserved a couple of these for touring.  Looks like a hoot.  Saw the same kind of buses over in Yellowstone – except they were yellow, of course.

Every seat has a view. $$ though!

When ya need connections, it’s off to the parking lots …

Need cell?

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