Prep the office for …

Winter is over … the camper has been removed, washed, waxed and readied for another season.  Add to that a couple of weeks of prepping servers, checking backups, and long hours coding software at a desk.  Thanks Lord – life is abundant.  Well, load the unit back on the truck and head out to friends in the country – for some office time at the farm.  Oh, oh – waxed the vehicles and rain is on the horizon.

The view is good … but what’s with all that mud?

Anyway, it’s country living today.  A blazing fire under a drizzling sky.  Chickens and turkeys cackling from their pens.  And awesome, simply superb cooking and friendship at the farm!  And as always, an office with a view – able to take some calls, analyze some data, and sip some hot tea under the dark but starry skies.  Oh, look … there goes a satellite …

The chickens are out! Get in the camper quick!

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