Here’s a chronicle of another Monday at work, in the mobile office.  The trouble with an office that has a great view is that it is often distracting.  So, to make up for lost time, one must work late into the evening.  Then, with early client calls – well, it simply works up an appetite by noon.  Sometimes that appetite calls

Giant burritos … yes they are packed with meat! Oh, my …

out for something big … something special … something Mexican!

It’s time for El Burrito Express, perhaps the biggest of the giant burritos.  Of course, it’s crowded at lunch … all the local High School lunchers are there. They know great Mexican food … and good prices (even if the parents are paying).

Well, we ordered up a couple of biggies – the Chicken/sour cream express (on the left), and the Carnitas Bronco – with awesome avocado (wrapped, on the right). A bottle of Mango soda to wash it down. It was a meal sized for 4, but we did it … (then napped the afternoon away). There is WAAAY too much food here … and every bite is tender and full of meat!  It is finished indeed!

After the HS lunch rush, the store fills up with local contractors – they also know great tasting food at reasonable prices!

This tiny spot is on Taravel Street at 21st. Make sure you park legally, the traffic patrol is ferocious. Of course, there’s lots of places in the neighborhood where a truck camper can park. Recommendation is to get an express burrito, split it, and add a Mexican soda. That’s be approximately $9 for 2.

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