… the Road to Restoration

... the road to restoration ...
… the road to restoration …

Traveling Tortuga is road-ready again … and though we’ve been remiss in posting, we’ll be catching up on our living and travelling in the Pacific Northwest.

As  repaired  on a wintery day ...
As repaired on a wintry day …

We towed and trailered everything back from the frozen north and our US insurance did a superb job of restoration. We got our tiny home back on a wintry day! Back in our tiny home, we stayed put while making inside repairs and improvements … keeping the furnace on through the winter season.

We added some beef to the front ...
We added some beef to the front …

When the sun reappeared, it was time to consider traveling again. The restoration was indeed excellent. RedGoatFab  did a beautiful job of a sturdy front bumper! Geico did a fantastic job of shepherding the repairs. Jaremko, in Spokane, finished everything in a first class manner!

Let’s go!

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