Your daddy’s rich …

I know I’ve said it before … but it bears repeating: the Pacific Northwest is rich in beauty! My daddy is rich – and He has given all this to me (and you)! So, taking in this gift we traveled up to the small town of Northport, where they were wrapping up a 3 day fishing derby! Trout and walleye were caught and weighed … with a fish feed to finish the day. We are on our way!

Are you sure this is the road?
Are you sure this is the road?

Taking a shortcut from Colville (that’s “call-vul” to ya’all who might be from elsewhere), the trusty GPS leads us up a mountain to a narrowing gravel road.

There's a lake ... at least we'll have water ...
There’s a lake … at least we’ll have water …

Then, it led us down the other side of the mountain. Right to the highway. Trustworthy is was – though we double checked with some old-school paper maps. It’s always good to have backups (training from being a computer analyst, I guess).

We got to Northport in time to hear the results, watch the celebration, and relax in the park (Northport Boat Launch Park). Here’s the view from there:

Behind us is the feed - but look at this view!
Behind us is the feed – but look at this view!
... overlooking the boat launch toward the bridge going north.
… overlooking the boat launch toward the bridge going north.

After lunch and a snooze in the sun, it’ll be good to meander down some different back roads.

Overlooking the Columbia River
Overlooking the Columbia River

Another warm and sultry summer day … one of those days that call for long pauses to reflect on the countryside with a glass of ice-cold tea! Oh, I’m so happy to have a truck camper – easy to drive around, and with all the amenities of home.

We came across a campground and boat launch that was almost empty … it was small (only 9 sites), but right on the edge of the Columbia. We’ll come back here – maybe next weekend!


4 thoughts on “Your daddy’s rich …

  1. we have not been up that far north along the east side of the river. at some point we need to. evens campground is as far as we have gone.
    thanks for sharing it with us.

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