But ’til that morning …

Summer traveling, the warmth and humidity, eating your own cooking … sometimes a tummy cries out for something different.  Something full of rich flavors.  Something cooked by someone else.

The answer for you might be Kim’s Teriyaki, in Spokane WA at the corner of Garland and Monroe.

hush little baby ... time to eat!
hush little baby … time to eat!

That’s the honey garlic chicken, and the bulogli bowl above.  Bursting with flavor – this is not for the weak – lots of garlic, honey and LOTS of food.  Amazing good!  Free miso soup with every dish (serve yourself).  Try the lemon chicken … or order your chicken grilled if you like … and if you like it spicy-hot, hey, they can do that.  Be careful – you’ll get what you ask for here! Did I say it yet? – amazing good!!

No wonder that Kim’s has lots of “best of” awards!  It is a neighborhood cafe – but do not, I repeat, do not pass this one by.  Did I say it yet? – amazing good!

So, until that morning when we can spread our wings and take to the sky … enjoy what we’ve been given … head out to lunch at someplace fun; sit in the shade or bake in the sun; summer is not yet done!

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