Spring Projects … it’s a wrap!

Yes, it’s a wrap.  Recurring winter weather, spring rains and work items made the “spring project” stretch waaaay longer than anticipated!  There was more to be accomplished, but maybe next year.  First, all the water lines are now winterized – wrapped and moved to best locations.  Second, an extra layer of insulation (Reflectix, in most instances) seals off the tanks and other overexposed areas.  A lamp has been added to the dump-valve area, and interior heat has been routed around the holding tanks.

Tanks before the wrap ...
Tanks before the wrap …
... and after the wrap.
… and after the wrap.

Then, the winter snow re-appeared … and the winds howled. We continued on the battery project, but no pictures – way too cold to stand around admiring the work!

Originally, the TC was powered by two batteries: two 12V in parallel … one up front (the second battery under the truck hood) and one in the “bed”. Approximately 170AH.  With our additional batteries, we now tote 460+AH. This comes from 5 batteries: the second 12V under the truck hood, two 12V in parallel in the bed, and two 6V golf cart batteries on the other side of the bed. They’re divided into three banks, controlled by Blue Sea marine switches.

Then, the older converter (it was not a converter/charger) was replaced.

The original 1985 converter ...
The original 1985 converter …
... replace with new converter/charger.
… replace with new converter/charger.

And an additional 12V Blue Sea marine plug added.

We did a couple of trial camp outs, and there’s plenty of power now!  And today, well, the sun is out.  It did snow a little yesterday, but I think spring is here!

4 thoughts on “Spring Projects … it’s a wrap!

  1. wow! that was a lot of work. bet you are happy to be back out in the office with a view now huh.

  2. Wow! You have been busy. We used the same insulation in our ’58 VW Bus and it really made a difference. We’ll chat more later and pick your brain about the 6v & 12v system.

    Cheers! ~M

    1. That’s very good news … I was afraid that maybe all this work was for naught. And a big thanks to you guys for your postings at “JamminAlong” … these keep us going!

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