Spring Project #2 prep …

Between events at work (support calls, software updates, new project development … ) there was a little time to do some prep work.  My next project is to do some work around the black and gray tanks … which requires removing some panels from the bottom of the TC.  A couple of extra saw horsees is in order!  Lumber is not too expensive, so with a budget of  $20 lets see what we can do.

Turned some 2x4's and 2x6's into something useful.
Turned some 2×4’s and 2×6’s into something useful.

When all the dust settles, it looks like we’ve got something useful.  Here they are in action.

Well, I can get to the underneath panels, but it's a tight fit.
Well, I can get to the underneath panels, but it’s a tight fit.

A couple of horsees for $18 tax included … wow, $2 left.  They’re not pretty, but they make me feel a little safer.

We’re still in that in-between weather … snow on the ground, water everywhere, but temperatures are up.  Ya gotta work in the early afternoon though, before the wind and clouds come. OK – now it’s time to pull the panels.

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