Mournings and Mornings

I first came across the handle “XNORP” a few years back when traversing the forums regarding my F150.  He served up good advice, always with humor, and always helpful.  Hmmm … must be a computer person, thought I … maybe a mathematician, as XNOR is a term used there.  I wondered what the “P” was – actually spent research time trying to get to the bottom of this – to no avail.

To my amazement, much later when TCs (truck campers) became a big part of our lives, there it was again – “XNORP”.  On the truck camper forums.  The same good advice, always helpful.  Always friendly. To those who search for wisdom and good advice on forums, well, you know that not everyone is friendly.  Not all advice is good.  But this handle stood out: wisdom, patience, humor.  Always. Very nice.

So, now imagine my surprise, a little over a year ago, to sit down at our first truck camper rally at Glacier National Park, at the evening potluck … next to “XNORP”!

For your TC keys … by XNORP

“Are you a computer guy?”, asks I.  “Why would you think that?” is the response.  Well, XNOR is a logic term, etc., etc.  With a huge smile, he says, “Do you want the long story or the short one?”  “Both,” I reply, and my whole family listens eagerly.

“XNORP”, he says, “means extra nice old retired person.”  That’s the short story.

But the long story is much more involved, and I’ll relate a brief version of it.  George (XNORP) is using the handle that his dad used.  His dad lived in times that were not as kind as now, and rode the rails.  In days when work was unavailable and prospects dried up regularly, men took to the rails.  They inscribed their “handles” under bridges, on fences, so that their friends would know they passed this way.  XNORP was his dad’s handle.  Oh, there’s more to the story, but that’s it for today.

XNORP, George, died this week.

We got to visit a get-together (lots and lots of people) on Saturday, and watched a slide show: his time in the Navy, his family, and many of his joys.  A wonderful life, indeed.  An honorable and good man.  Very hard to find.

We’re on the road – with commitments in the north – way up north.  Don’t feel much like cooking now, so

Costco chicken … for lunch, dinner and snacks too.

Across the border, over the passes … it looks like Wal-Mart tonight.

In the morning, from the Wal-Mart parking lot …
Maybe today will turn mourning to morning …

A lesson: enjoy the mornings.  You won’t enjoy the mournings.  Psalm 90 verse 12 says: “so teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  In other words, any day could be the last … for you … for friends … for people we haven’t even gotten to know yet.  Just sayin’ …

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