Mt. Rainier

Peace at Mt. Rainier … tallest mount in the lower 48, on the “dangerous volcano” list, home to 26 glaciers, complete with 4+ earthquakes per month … may seem like an oxymoron.  Here’s a place that, when it erupts, will endanger 100’s of thousands of people.  Oh well, it’s a great place to visit.  Truly beautiful – both to camp and to view.

Under the trees …

Ohanapecosh is the campground … “standing at the edge” is the translation.  188 campsites – but deep in the forest.  Great place for a view office.  About $7.50 with your Discover Pass.  Nice.

Peaceful, quiet and hidden away.
Time for a little campfire …
… until lights out time.

Then, without warning, the morning comes!

Another view from the office

Yes, we could live like this.  Unfortunately, we’ve got work to do … so lets see the rest of Mt. Rainier National Park!  It is NOT a sunny day, so the mountain may be elusive …

The tunnel by Box Canyon

From the bridge at Box Canyon ya’all can see a narrow slot canyon with a river racing through it.  It’s about 180 feet down.  Very western!

Don’t fall down there!

Up a few miles to Paradise, the clouds have settled in, and it is very, very cold.

Driving up into the clouds …

At Paradise, there’s not much to be seen.

You should be able to see Mt. Rainier … but she be hiding!
Beautiful lodge … but no cell signal

It looks like the mountain will be socked in all day … and we have miles to go before we sleep.  It’s a blessing to live here in the West, where we can visit the mountain again soon.

Surrounded by beauty, even on a cloudy day

Enjoying the sights that we’ve been given this day, it’s southward for us.

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