Working from the Valleys to the Mountains

The goal is to get to Mt. Rainier for a relaxing camp before the beeline to California.  From Omak, you get to travel through the hot orchard country while viewing the mighty Columbia River and her reservoirs, climb out of the wheat producing plains into high lakes and the cool climes of the highest mountain in the Pacific Northwest.  All in a day.

To begin with, taking 97 and the alternates routes, we’re surrounded by apple orchards – green, red, and fuji’s (green and red).

Trees starting to bear lots of fruit
Gettin’ ready for serious harvesting …

At noon there’s time to do a little office work too.  Amazing views.

The office view from the inside …
… and here’s the view from the outside.

Then, in the early afternoon we pass through drier climes.

Driving past the wind farms by Ellensburg
Far above Ellensburg …
The view has radically changed … and will change again.

Through Yakima on the way to Mt. Rainier.  Now Yakima is a great place to stop, but we have schedules to keep.

Heading up to the mountain, we pass by Tieton Dam and Rimrock Lake.  We were in this area last winter, click here to see it then.

A reservoir for the Yakima area

And just beyond White Pass, there it is …

Partially hiding – Mt. Rainier

Now really … how many offices have views like we’ve seen today?

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