San Francisco

Camping in the City
  • Watch the street cleaning signs.
  • To get through the city, take the bus system. Get ahold of a Muni and BART map … they’re available throughout the system.

    Gai Mei Bow
    Best breakfast in the world!
  • Always get a transfer – it’s both proof of payment and allows you to ride for a couple of hours.

That being said, it’s time for work.  In the daytime, move your TC to Golden Gate Park for the view and a little peace and quiet.  Otherwise your office view is like the above … just city streets.

While the beauty of TC life is having your kitchen with, sometimes it’s best to eat out.  Start your day at perhaps the best place in all of SF! Gai Mei Bow … sweet breakfast buns (actually, the translation is “cocktail bun”). This is Sunset Bakery on 9th by Judah, by University of California San Francisco … off of the “N-Judah” streetcar. They’re hot, filled with sweet filling (not too much, just right), and crispy on the outside/topside. Perfect – nobody makes them as good as this. Again, this is another tiny bakery – and I picked up a don tot (little custard) to go with my tea. It too is one of the best – perfect custard in a firm crust. It’s a deep custard too, no skimping here! Each of the pastries was 70 cents … can you beat this?

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