Casino Camping – California

Nestled in before the storm

But we have promises to keep … and miles to go before we sleep … so there’s no time to enjoy Southern Oregon this trip … no time to gaze at Mt. Shasta or the lake!

Next stop is the Rolling Hills Casino off of I5.   As we were looking for parking, the shuttle driver actually shepherded us over to a great spot between a couple of class A diesels. Free overnighting in the truck/motor home parking lot … and as it’s a full fledged truck stop, there’s all the amenities that truckers need … showers, food to go.

It’s late, so we walked about 100 yards to the casino where they have a great buffet.  Today it’s half price (that is, $6.90 on Tues and Thurs for seniors … not high school seniors, by the way). Prime rib, burgundy beef, chicken all kinds, 3 different sauteed fish dishes, great salads and awesome desserts, lotsa tasty casseroles! If it’s your first time here, sign up for “The Shasta Club” card, including $5 free plays. We won enough to pay for the buffet! Friendly staff, and a comfortable sleep. Struck up conversations with a local family that grows asparagus in the area – they come for the buffet.

That day we were a few miles ahead of a snowstorm as we drove south past Mt. Shasta and the lake. After dinner, the palm trees were horizontal as we walked back to the camper.  Thank You Lord, as we were sheltered between a couple of behemoths A’s. Next morning the roads were closed going North!

The next morning was a time of great community in the parking lot amongst the truckers and motor homers … talking about the weather, road conditions, and good places to go.

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