Where to entertain …


When you live and work in a tiny space, call it an RV or a tiny home, where does one entertain … meet clients … connect with friends? The answer: everywhere!

Above and below, why not meet up over crepes! This is at the “Ivory Table” in Spokane … buckwheat crepes, smoked salmon, bacon, and loaded with garden fresh stuff! It would be very time consuming to entertain better than this.


Or, a breakfast meeting to discuss the design goals of a project …


… over bacon, sausage, eggs benny, and much much more (as you can see). This at a casino buffet in California.


Loonngg meeting, but plenty of food!

Or maybe just stopping with a few friends over coffee … someplace special, not the run of the mill coffee stop. This in SF, out in the Avenues.



Yup … they roast their own coffee, right in the shop. Only the freshest.

Every time to entertain, every meeting (business or friendship) is a joy. It’s a benefit of tiny living … the time to prepare, then clean up afterwards is gone. More time for people!

Speaking of dessert … from a local public house, called the “Blonde Brownie”. Simply living well.


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