End of the Road

Early morning ...
Early morning …

This is as far west as we can go in the SF Bay area. Maybe we could drive out on the pier … probably not. It’s an early morning in Pacifica with a steaming cup of Tikuanyin tea and a cool breeze in our face. Nice.

... looking south ...
… looking south …

As the morning progresses, we take a drive north to more beaches …

... could you live here?
… could you live here?

… and the locals are out for their morning strolls.

That's the Cliff House in the distance.
That’s the Cliff House in the distance … Seal Rock on the left.

Gotta love the West … the ocean … great cities … fine beaches … the sun … gentle breezes. This is a little different from our regular camping routine, but it’s a pleasure. It’s also time to enjoy a picnic while we check up on our work schedule …

... fresh stuff indeed!
… fresh stuff indeed!


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