City Living

Interesting view ...
Interesting view …

The view out the window is a little different when visiting the city!

... on a sunny day.
… on a sunny day.

Standing in line for take-out dim sum is definitely worth it …

Waiting our turn.
Waiting our turn.

… but being waited on is better!

Crab thingies ...
Crab thingies …
... shrimp thingies ...
… shrimp thingies …
... a sample of goodies!
… a sample of goodies!

Oh, I know you’ve heard of it all … ha gow, cha su bow, sui mai, wu gohk, pie gwut, etc. Dining on bbq pork buns, shrimp, chicken, ribs, and veggies of all kinds. Is this a good reason to camp out in the city? Indeed! My driver likes all these things.

Bargains in the city.
Bargains in the city.

Heading down to the local shops for fresh ingredients … that’s good too! Welcome to the city.

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