Testing in the mountains …

Want to see if the batteries will run all night? Head for the mountains … it was supposed to be the last ski day, so it was bound to be cold. We arrived late, but we were able to park right next to the lifts.  We don’t ski … but we enjoy watching those who do!

Early morning at Schweitzer.
Early morning at Schweitzer.

That’s a Western Wilderness on the right … also on a test run!  Let’s join them for breakfast!

Hotcakes right off the stove!
Hotcakes right off the stove!

Gotta love the cast iron pans … they sit right on a serving board, and ya eat everything HOT! Even the maple syrup sizzles.  Nice.

We whiled the day away, and the weather went from mild and sunny to instant blizzard.  Skiers kept coming though, getting in that last run of the season.

Windy and cold ...
Windy and cold …

Batteries worked well … only worked off of one bank, and no drain. All the snow is gone in the valley below … it was a nice visit to the mountaintop!


4 thoughts on “Testing in the mountains …

    1. Around 6400 feet … and the temps were in the 20’s … not really too cold. Inside was another story (still at 6400′) but temps were way up! Being as we were right on the run, we could hear all the comments as the weather changed … fun.

  1. I thought that look familiar. we only got the camper up there for those 4 days in January. in fact we did not ski all that much this year. looks like you still found some sunshine. next time I will be there is on labor day weekend for the fall festival. they are setting aside 5 spots for tcs for me on that Friday night for a gathering if anyone wants to go. good to see you back pout again.

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