Thinking back …

Work beckons, and we had to put off a trip to Hells Canyon for awhile.  I saw a great post from campers at Spokane’s Riverside park.  Been there, and it made me think of other trips we’ve made to riverside locations – particularly one on the way to Yellowstone (last year).  We joined with friends who were biking their way across the US – we met up with them at Twin Bridges, MT, at a bike camp by the riverside.

View from the Twin Bridge bike camp …

This is generally not a place to overnight, but as we were with the bikers (they are allowed to tent overnight), we stayed.

View facing the other way …bike riders tent here, with facilities (and mosquitoes) close by. The cabin is screened!

Walk across the bridge to get a little ice cream at the local hangout – walk across the road to a park with great historical displays (Lewis and Clark’s mapping of the Jefferson and Beaverhead rivers, and the guidance of Sacajawea through this area).

Bikers are off … and hours later, so will we …

Down the road to Sheridan, then Adobetown and Nevada City, then Virginia City.

Click the pic to read the details …
Nevada City
Virginia City … take the local taxi …
Ice cream made fresh all day … in old fashion buckets … and it is GOOD!

Virginia City is close to the top … that is, the Great Divide.  For the bikers, it’s a welcome downhill ride.  For the office with a view, it’s time to relax at the top and watch the weather come by – and do a little work.

View from the top of the pass … the rain is on the way!

Downhill through the town of Ennis, then onward to camping!

Bronze work at Peter T.’s park in Ennis …
The weather kept us moving …

Continuing down to the US Forest Service campground, just past the West Fork commercial campground.  The Forest Service campground was just a few bucks … and the view was – well, see for yourself.

But at the end of the day, this was the reward!
An office with a view!
Celltowers disguised as trees … perfect MiFI signal for work.
The office view at night …

I could live here!

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