Springtime in Montana

We get to finish up a project in Montana … yay!  Gassed up in Idaho just outside of Coeur d’Alene at exit 15 (Sherman exit) at the local Tesoro.  Cheapest gas around, and it’s a truck stop too – with all the amenities that an RVer sometimes looks for.

Why do I say  “yay” when going to Montana to do work?  Because for those with “an office with a view”, there’s not many other places that are soooo peaceful.  This secret camping spot (not so secret anymore) is next to a “darn noisy creek” by an old mining site.  Camping free … no other people around … full MiFi signal!

Hidden away in Montana
Next to that “darn noisy creek”

After the project was complete, there is a different campsite (also free, superb MiFi connection) over by the St. Regis River.  It too is completely peaceful and uninhabited.

The “project completion” party … peace and quiet!
… going until the end of the day.
Early morning view from the office.

There it is … this is what an office view is like in Montana.  A truck camper, surrounded by the beauty of creation!

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