Office in the park

Working on the lake ...

Golden Gate Park … a little over 1000 acres, 3 miles long, and bigger than Central Park in NY.  And stunning it is, with museums, tea gardens, windmills, lakes, even buffalo.  What a place to work!!

Wikipedia says this: “Stow Lake surrounds the prominent Strawberry Hill, now an island with an electrically pumped waterfall. Rowboats and pedal-boats can be rented at the boathouse. Much of the western portion of San Francisco can be seen from the top of this hill, which at its top contains one of the reservoirs that supply a network of high-pressure water mains that exclusively supply specialized fire hydrants throughout the city.”  Yup … that’s the view for this hard working computer guy.

In the City there’s not much room for motor homes … but just enough room for a truck camper (TC).  In fact, we hardly get a notice, even getting in and out of the back.  Golden Gate Park closes down for any vehicle parking around 11:00 or so … don’t even think about overnighting here!  The local police are active and omnipresent – and they’ve seen it all.

So, enjoy the many stops during the day.  Work, play, jog, hike, horseback ride, picnic … it’s a beautiful park.

At the Polo Fields

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