SF – Chinatown

Yes, each plate is FULL!

I know, I know … camping in a TC means savings – you can cook your own food.  But, when in SF, some of the restaurants are cheaper than cooking at “home”.  Especially if you’re with a crowd.  Remember, as you’ve been warned previously, parking a truck camper in downtown SF – especially in Chinatown, is just not going to happen.  Leave the TC in the avenues (out by Golden Gate Park) and take the bus!!

At a hole in the wall on Powell near Broadway is Mee Hong Bakery. Maybe the very best Chinese black bean ribs with rice … $4. They have chicken also, but that’s the whole menu. You have to walk through to the kitchen to order from dad or son … it’s their place and they run it all.  Mom’s illness caused her to retire a while back, and son, a local university graduate, came to help.

This is a cash place – not much English – and expect to wait (unless you come early). Every order cooked to order … and the tables may be filled, with a looong line. Just go up front, order up, then come back in 30 minutes.

Today there were 6 of us, and we brought some Roast Pork to supplement. Very foolish – because there’s LOTS of food in every order. When we left, all the tables were full, 10 people were in line. Also, when they run out of food, they’re out!

We brought some of our own too …

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