Astoria/Ft. Stevens

Astoria is a great little town, with lots of sights. Everything they say about the Oregon coast is true – very pretty.  Like many towns that survive on tourist trade, things are a little pricey and a little crowded.    Museums, parks, fresh fish, a great bridge and a great history – make the stop here!

Unfortunately, we’re people that have to work – so we’ll visit again.  Looking for free overnight could be a problem – we didn’t find anywhere.  So, off to Fort Stevens, a fantastic 4200 acre Oregon State Park and Recreation area.  Campgrounds (we paid $23), bike and hiking trails, historic displays and programs, and beach access.

Could’ve stayed here and worked for weeks … but our meeting schedule drives us ever onward.  One day is all there is on the schedule …

Ft. Stevens, Oregon
Another office with a view ...

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