Rimrock Lake/White Pass

After working a bit while enjoying Yakima, it was time to head west … through Naches, full of orchards – looks like Wenatchee. Gotta be a great place for fresh fruit in the summer. All's well here!

Well it’s still winter, and just west is a short tunnel.  The original boulder ceiling drips with icicles! Amazing sight!  Then, pictured here is Rimrock Lake, snow covered, surrounded by mountains. So peaceful.

On the way up the road to White Pass the snow banks pile higher and higher.  It’s OK tho, the roads are plowed clear … for all the skiers heading to White Pass.  It’s the same on “the other side” too … the roads are kept clear.  Great for a truck camper just passing thru.

At the top, it’s slow going past the parked cars, families and their skis, snow mobiles being unloaded … everyone getting ready for fun in the snow, with the ski runs on the left. Beautiful sights, and while it’s a little crowded, it’s plain ‘ole family fun going on. Very nice – do not miss this in the winter!


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